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Colloidal Gold Analyzer Gold Colloid Rapid Test PR CIA Colloidal Immunoassay Ana

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Colloidal Gold Analyzer Gold Colloid Rapid Test PR CIA Colloidal Immunoassay Ana

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Product features:

Colloidal Immunoassay analyzer (CIA) is a clinical laboratory auxiliary equipment, PR-CIA-Multi (single channel) model.

This equipment is suitable for the interpretation of Colloidal Immunoassay detection reagent results.The equipment can carry out quantitative detection and Analysis on the matching Colloidal Immunoassay rapid detection strip, and determine the concentration of the tested sample by measuring the absorption optical density of the test strip detection strip and quality control strip to the light of a specific wavelength.

Main features:

1. Support quantitative and qualitative detection.
2. Support real-time detection and timing detection.
3. Touch type Chinese graphic interface, easy to operate.
4. POCT is small in size, light in weight and easy to carry.
5. Built in large capacity memory, test results can be saved automatically.
6. Support a two-dimensional code scanning, automatic barcode scanning module.
7. Built in multiple interfaces to support LIS system.
8. With ID card to store standard curve.
9. The system supports original data analysis and quality control.
10. Support customers with a variety of testing projects.

Product parameters:

Technical index
Size (L * w * h) : 255 * 220 * 90 (mm)
Weight: 1.5kg
Display: 4.3 inch touch screen
Test channel: 1
Test time: ≤ 7s
Accuracy: < 2%
Precision: CV < 5%
LIS interface: USB2.0 or RS232
Reagent closed: SD card
Storage: 50000 results
Printer: built-in 58mm thermal printer

Matching reagent: